Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween Party

Nathaniel,Maleece and Mateah were invited to Analee Meyers Halloween party Saturday night and Nathaniel went as a chic magnet and the girls went as dead slumber party girls. They all had a good time playing games and eating thanks for the good time Analee.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Saturday Fun

IvieMarie likes to pose just as much as her sisters.
Kennali rides by again.

Maleece poses for a picture before ridding the bike.

Kick the ball Mom.

Nathaniel kicking the football.

Goofy Dad and his three beautiful angels.

Jamie and Kennali.

Well Saturday we watched the football game and then worked on the car.
While I was working on the car the kids were playing in the street, I know don't let your kids play in the street but it is so much fun with all the neighborhood kids playing.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Work Retreat/Boys Weekend

Well last weekend Seth and his 2 boys and Kyle Nathaniel and I went to Seth's family cabin to spend time with the boy and to work on some Otternetts things.
The cabin is in Woodland and the Provo river runs right by.
Friday night we went for a drive up the canyon to see how the Mill Hollow dam reconstruction was coming along, wow I have never seen a lake drained as you will see from the pictures.
As we continued up the mountain we saw may views of differant valleys, as we got to the top of the mountain we ran into the sheep hearders and about get run over by all the sheep.
We got out to see some of the views and the skyline wow nature is great.
That night we played some games and played pool until 2:45am, great time with the boys.
Saturday we had breakfast and Seth and I worked on some buisness things while the boys played, later we went out and played in river, just before we left we had a marshmellow war, wow nothing like soggy marshmellows hitting you upside the head.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Boy Scout Camp!!!!!

Well Kyle and Nathaniel and the rest of the Scouts and Leaders have been working on this hike for about a year. This hike was all intent to be a 50 mile hike that would start on Monday and end on Saturday. Well they all had their backpacks loaded and ready to go on Sunday.
The plan for their meals were as follows, Oatmeal for breakfast, toparoman for lunch, and baked potato, chicken and rice, or beef strogenoff. These meals they did for a court of honor so the parent got try out what their boys would be eating.
Well they met at the Scout Masters home at 6:00am Monday to start off. They got to the trail head at about 9:00am, got packs on and started off the trail was not to bad to start but got difficult half way into the 8 mile to Pinto Lake. They made it and had dinner and hit the hay real early no supprise.
On Tuesday they had Breakfast and broke camp for there 4 mile hike up to 4 Lakes, this hike was very difficult they gained about 1500-2000 feet in elavation half way through Tuesday's hike the Scout Master got sick and was not doing well. So they camped at 4 Lakes for Tuesday and Wednesday, they got up Thursday and he was not feeling better so they decided to call it early week but the hike was not over yet. On Wednesday the boys played in the lake and got sunburned so the 9 mile hike back out was not very comfortable. Well they made home Thursday afternoon insted of Saturday.

Kyle and Nathaniels Camp

This was the start point of the week long back pack trip with the Scout Troop.

A View from the sart of the trail. Here is what we looked like at the start of the Hike. There were Four leaders and Four Boys. From left to right Parker, Buck, Dallyn, Nate, Boyd, Kyle, Eric and Loyd. We look like we are about to have a lot of fun

We needed team work right from the start. The rivers were running high and fast.Camp the first night at Pinto Lake

Pinto Lake Wednesday Eric challenged the boys to a boat race in one of the little streams. I still don't know who won. I am not sure that the boys know either. They did have a very good time.
The fishing was very good. I don't think the winter hat was needed but if it helped with the fishing what ever. We were at Four Lakes for Tusesday and Wednesday and had a very good time fishing and playing in the water.

The end of the Trail.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008